Global Google Assistant CRM Program

Mission: Create a CRM program for Google Assistant users that educates, excites and increases engagement in every step of the user journey. Then, launch the program internationally and evolve the program as more users around the globe interact with their Assistant across multiple devices. Goals across touchpoints include increasing daily usage, click rates, and win awards for awesome, results driven creative!

My role: I have been the creative lead on Assistant since developing the program in 2016. I collaborate with strategy and clients to develop creative direction and then collaborate and oversee Art Directions, Production Artists, Copywriters and Developers to bring it to life. I’m responsible for creating, implementing and orchestrating the creative vision and consistently strive to develop innovative ideas to increase engagement, push tech boundaries and expand our reach. 

Results: Open rates exceed industry benchmarks, we've seen increased usage when we send out our Newsletters and we've received 8 creative awards for the program.